Deep in Doom

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

(This is the first adventure written here featuring the world of Mystical Unicorn. I try my best to keep the game present, but some of the events in my adventures are purely imaginary, and thus quite mad. You’ve been warned.)



“We’re going where to do what?” Isabella asked Bel. In truth she would go anywhere as long as it wasn’t the bank of Britain were many of the locals hung out with their pets. Her own pet dragon, black as night, brought no fear to her because she had a mental hold on it, but the unicorns that pranced and galloped about, magic glistening in their horns, scared the piss out of her. They were supposed to be hidden deep in some ancient forest, not messing about in front of a bank.

“Look at that guy,” Bel snickered, pointing a thick, mauve finger at a disheveled man pacing about…

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