D&D Diary – Lost Mine of Phandelver – Session 4

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How do you turn a lowly bandit hideout into an epic D&D adventure? By forgetting key details during the game.

Starter PhandelverThe continuing saga of the Lost Mine of Phlapdoodle… Fahrvergnugen… Phalanges… Whatever.

Dungeons and Dragons (like most RPGs) is the most extensive, exasperating, and enthralling game that you will ever play. No other game can go from sheer aggravation to riotous exhilaration as quickly as D&D. With dozens of rule books, a semi-clueless DM who has to improvise all the time, and a gang of unpredictable PCs who never do what you expect, it should come as no surprise that you may have to play several sessions before everything just works.

Well today, after three sessions, one good, one meh, and one horrible, everything just clicked, and we were playing epic D&D. And all they did was clear out a lowly bandit hideout. I apologize in advance for what will…

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