General Purpose Workshop & Store

Dyson's Dodecahedron


Here we have a floorplan for a typical fantasy city storefront – a store to do your shopping in front, a workshop behind it to produce the goods being sold (with a small strong room for storing finished goods and expensive components when the shop is closed) and residential space for the shop owner(s) upstairs. There’s also a basement (accessed through a trap door in the workshop) where generic stock, overstock, and extra materials are stored.

Workshop and Store Workshop and Store

While this is the standard assumption for most fantasy storefronts – the majority of actual medieval and Roman era storefronts didn’t include the front room where shopping could be done. They would open their shuttered windows when they open and customers would shop through those windows, never entering the building proper. Workshops where this wouldn’t work well (blacksmiths for instance) would have the customers walk into the workshop directly to deal…

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