D&D Diary – Lost Mine of Phandelver – Session 6

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Thundertree Clean It’s always good to have a clean map for your players. So you’re welcome.

The party explores the ruined town of Thundertree, meets the creator of the Forgotten Realms, and gets in way over their head. Stupid Dragons!

Before we get started, I just want to mention this incredible thing that Jim, the other Dad player, built for our game. He made an insert for his dining room table that can hold a good-sized monitor. A cable from the monitor hooks up to my phone. From the phone I can upload movable battle mats and other images to show the players. This is going to be great for wilderness and town adventures, where the line of sight is pretty far. I’ve found that for the claustrophobic dungeons or other exploration maps, it’s better to use pen and paper, but this thing is still awesome! Okay, on to the adventure.

Monitor TableThis…

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