D&D Diary – Lost Mine of Phandelver – Session 7

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The party foils the plans of a new Dragon Cult and one member turns into Hagrid. But first, it’s a Total Party Kill!

Starter PhandelverHey remember that big green dragon on the front of the adventure. This is where you get to meet him, fight him and get eaten by him.

Today, I’m going to kill the whole party. Screw ‘em. These guys have had it way too easy. They’ve been mowing through goblins, low-level thugs, and the occasional bugbear like a John Deere tractor on nitrous. I need to show them just how dangerous some monsters can be.

When last we left our heroes, they had come to the ruined village of Thundertree, looking for a druid who might help them find Cragmaw Castle. They found the druid, Edoith the Greenwood Elf, and he agreed to help them. But first, Ed Greenwood, asks them to help him with a…

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