Do Changelings Power Creep?


On November 19, 2019, Wizards of the Coast released Eberron: Rising from the Last War. This revitalized campaign setting includes a new playable race: the Changeling.

The Changeling boasts a unique option for assigning ability scores. Due to their amorphous character, the Changeling gets +2 to Charisma and can assign a floating +1 Ability Score Improvement (ASI) to any ability score. There is no limitation on assigning this ASI. So, a player can choose to place it into Charisma and gain a total of +3 to Charisma at level 1 from their race.

This is notable because no other race allows a Player Character (PC) to invest +3 in an ability score at level 1. In the strictest sense of the word, this is “power creep” because it’s a new player option that is numerically more powerful than anything the existing published material can accomplish.

What does this…

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