Of Snow and Blood

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

(Remember folks, this is from Isabel’s point of view. It may not square with your sense of reality–but that’s the art of fiction, right? Anyway, the odyssey over at Mystical Unicorn Second Coming continues…)


Isabella took the magical blades from the bloody mire of the magical beast. If she were hunting in the wilderness, she’d call her target a deer. But not this one. It’s odd red nose named it as abomination, something Tzeentch himself might create. But the blades that fell from its corpse? Magical indeed. Twin handles, two curving claws, made for dual-wielding situations. She’d seen designs like this out of Tokuno, but not as powerful as the magic ones she now held.

“I will call you Blood Taker,” she said to the blades, not really caring if the folks who watched from the edge of the fence where the deer was kept overheard her or not.


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