Git Gud, Git Talking (Part 5 of 6)


Welcome back to our Git Gud* series! We’ve been working our way through some tenents of how to git gud and apply those gaming techniques to real life.

This mini-series is broken up into the following parts:

Part 1: Git Smart
Part 2: Git Creative
Part 3: Git Planning
Part 4: Git Healthy
Part 5: Git Talking (this one)
Part 6: Git Mindful

Thanks to Fern11 for the idea!

Mentorship and Role Models

Growing up, children are surrounded by people trying to teach them and shape them for success as adults. We go to school for thirteen years, not counting higher education, and are exposed to countless adults showing us ways to act (or not to act). Interacting with people who know more than us and have more experience than us is an integral part of human development.

But once we are out of school, these guides seem to…

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