Thazmaniac soloing R2

Micki's Delirium

After my new warlock hit cap I’ve been mostly farming Ravenloft on R1 for ED xp and it’s been hard with a lot of deaths. I’ve brought my alt Darthpyre along to pike for xp and usually posted an lfm with not too many joiners. Last week I decided to run Wheloon for first time bonus xp, and this time I stepped in on R2. After a difficult Lesson in Deception I stepped into Thrill of the Hunt – expecting the end fight to be really really hard. Somehow I not only managed to find a spot where I could stand and not get hit – I even managed to rescue the captive. I was thrilled. I continued with Army of Shadow and even though the hireling died a lot, I didn’t, and also managed to complete that one with no deaths. In an off ED.

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