Best Video Games For Every Year of the 2010s

Tristan Zelden

The decade is almost over, and 2020 is around the corner. The last 10 years had plenty of incredibly memorable games to play with some not so great games in between. With a new console generation, Kojima starting a new studio, and Bowser taking over Nintendo, there is a lot to reflect upon, but this is about the best games for every year across the 2010s.

2010: Red Dead Redemption (May 18)

When Rockstar releases a new game, it is hard for any of the competition to beat out the legendary developer. The sequel to the 2004 Western Red Dead Revolver took those concepts and turned into a stunning open-world adventure.

The best quality of any game from the developer comes down to the story. The single-player campaign for Redemption is an emotional ride that every gamer must experience.

The online lacks depth for today’s standards, but in 2010, it…

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