How Does Shapechanger Work?


Today we’re exploring a rules clarification with the new Eberron Changeling. The Changeling gets a racial feature called “Shapechange” which allows it to change form. Here’s the relevant part we’ll be examining:

Shapechanger redacted

The language of the feature says that you can change your appearance as an action. It also says you stay in this form until you revert to your true form or die. The question is whether the language indicating the duration functions as a limiter to the initial action.

  • If yes, then a Changeling would need to revert to its true form before using its Shapechange ability to assume a new form.
  • If no, then a Changeling can freely change between different forms.


Without clearer language, there isn’t a way to determine whether the second paragraph limits the first.

The first sentence doesn’t indicate that there is any limitation on using your action to shapechange…

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