Said the Dying Season

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


Isabella leaned over the railing of what she called, Bridge Lament, which was hidden deep in the dragon infested dungeon of Destard, next to a lonely resurrection ankh. Once cleared of vermin, the bridge gave her solace for the dark times when they came on.

The woes that stung her now were nothing new. She had experienced them before. Anriel, an elder vampyre she knew, had once told her to “pay as little attention to them as you would of a moth on the side of a great tree, for they are merely your impressions of what has transpired and nothing more.”

And where was Anriel now? He was almost shadow when she met him in a distant plane called Krilldonia, met him right in front of Britain Bank. He knew her “condition.” He called to her without speaking, and together they walked for a time under Krilldonia’s moon, her…

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