The Behkon Inn

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Jean-Coleer Behkon started upgrading the family tavern when he took it over from his father 40 years ago. Since then he has added a two-level wing of guest rooms and moved the common sleeping space from the tavern floor proper into a large side room that also acts as overflow space for the tavern itself.

There is no “bar” at the tavern, and while there is a dedicated kitchen, most food is cooked on the tavern side of the fireplace instead of the kitchen itself. Much of the kitchen space is actually built up over ale casks which are replaced regularly by the brewer down the way.

Jean-Coleer Behkon is usually to be found in the premises, but the actual service, cooking, and most transactions are handled by the Butterhearths, an extended family of halflings under his employ.


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