War Caster vs. Resilient (CON)


When a spellcaster takes damage while maintaining concentration on a spell, they need to make a Constitution saving throw to keep the spell active. The Difficulty Class (DC) of the save is the higher of 10 or half the damage taken (rounded down).

There are two feats that can help a spellcaster with this check:

  • War Caster gives you advantage on Constitution saves to maintain concentration when you take damage.
  • Resilient grants you proficiency in the saving throw of your choice.

Which one is the better feat for maintaining concentration on a spell?


  1. Spellcasters first invest in their spellcasting ability score.
  2. Spellcasters will have +2 to Constitution at Level 1.
  3. Spellcasters prioritize Constitution over Dexterity.
  4. No metamaggin’.

Assumption 1. A caster has the maximum investment in their spellcasting ability score. Assumption 1 is probably a safe bet based upon our polling, since over 70% of casters max their spellcasting…

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