Delights of the Species

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


Isabella slipped her hand into the pack horse’s pack, and quietly pulled out a handful of golden coins. No jingling. No rattling. No rooting around. She was regaining her stealing skill, which at one time, was quite well trained.

The cold winter air, the memories of yesteryear, and her focus brought back tales of her early days…and the legends. Living in a decaying monastery for the first five years of her unnatural life, she spent entire days hiding from the sunlight in the moldering library, for vampyre, young vampyre at that, dread the energy stealing-powers of the sun.

She read the old scrolls entitle Summa Dread. The  monks, before they died so oddly, left brilliant accounts of dread beasts, including her own kin. “The Blood-Siphon is a notorious beast from the underworld. No longer happy with simply sipping blood from a sleeping victim, these creatures have learned to call…

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