Variant Human War Caster


As a follow-up to last week’s post comparing the War Caster and Resilient (CON) feats, let’s take a look at how the numbers shake out if you’re playing a Variant Human or in a campaign where your DM lets you have a free feat at level 1.

The Lesson

Remember the lesson from last week:

Need a feat faster?
Go get War Caster.
Wait for Resilient.

This should tell you that if you get a feat at level 1, War Caster is going to be the most effective choice. It will give you a stronger benefit while you level up your spellcasting ability score. Once you hit the level 12 ASI and you’re entering the part of the game where the proficiency bonus is going to provide a bigger benefit than advantage, you can take Resilient and double up the effects. However, War Caster is going…

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