Achievement unlocked: first adventure published! #DnD #Eberron


As I’ve mentioned briefly elsewhere on social media, and although it’s rather off-topic for this blog; I’ll post just the once here for posterity that I successfully completed the RPG Writer Workshop online course that I’d taken. The end result of this being my first ever published tabletop rpg module. The adventure is a Dungeons & Dragons introductory adventure written for the Eberron setting, and is called Chasing Shadows.

This is for sale on the DMs Guild, as the first in a series I have already planned to write in order to form a full campaign. I’ve been writing and adapting adventures for D&D and other roleplay systems for countless years now without ever dreaming of taking it beyond my own personal use. It’s only the combination of such great online communities as the RPG Writer Workshop and the relatively ease of publishing such an adventure online that I…

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