Death & Dying in D&D

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Today we explore the 5th edition rules on healing, resting and dying to answer the question: is death meaningless?

Dead WizardHey, ah… Not to be a pain, but does anyone have a healing kit? I’m dying over here.

In the middle of battle, the Fighter uses his Second Wind ability to magically restore hit points. The Thief can choose to dodge half his damage once each round. The Bard can sing soothing words to heal his companions. Virtually every character class has access to a variety of healing spells. Even dropping down to 0 hit points (i.e. Death) is no big deal thanks to Death Saving Throws and easy access to Revivify spells. And after the battle, the rules for Long and Short Rests make it virtually impossible for a DM to sustain the notion that combat is dangerous and death is eminent.

For all of its strengths, 5th

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