My Top 5 Most Played Steam Games In Hours

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my top 5 most played steam games


I created my Steam account in June 2012 because I was fascinated by the idea that I could purchase games online instead of running into the stores. Steam made it possible, if you wanted a PC game now, you could purchase and download it now. So, I’ve used the Steam client for 7.5 years now. And since Steam tracks the total hours I played, I thought it would be a funny idea to create an infographic about my favorite games. So, in the picture of this post, you see my top 5 most played games on Steam by hours. The hours have been recorded since the existence of my account. I played 5381 hours in total but I only put my top 5 games into the list. So let’s talk a bit about them…

My Top 5 Most Played Games on Steam

  1. 2127 Hours / Europa Universalis IV
  2. 424…

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