Ilyana’s Warhammer Trove: 1

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

Author’s Note: I will be writing shorts for Ilyana’s Warhammer Trove, featuring Izobella, a parallel twin, and I will be writing shorts for Isabella’s Main Page, featuring activities in the world of Mystical Unicorn UO. Hope that clear things up. 


Izobella knew she’d had lost time. How much time had flown—she had no idea. But in her jittery head, there played a show of images, feelings, sensations. Tentacles, yes; her screams, of course; her stooping pleas for mercy—unfathomable.

Taken from the rage of battle, she had endured some time, some years in direct service of the lowest kind to—she bet—agents of Tzeen’neth. What degradation she endured was beyond fantasy, but now she was back again, naked under the snow-conspiring clouds, before the demon statue in High Pass What an irony. To be supine before a Chaos orderly was symbolic of her abduction. True, she was a high level adept…

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