Bio Break 2019 Wrap-up: Massively Overpowered

Bio Break

For my final post of this “look back at gaming, blogging, and podcasting in 2019” week here at Bio Break, I wanted to share what I’ve been up to over at Massively Overpowered. Counting both the old and new sites, I’ve been writing for Massively for a full decade now. This was the first full year where I scaled back on news writing due to my main job taking up more time, although I was still pretty active in special projects elsewhere.

I did write the occasional news post as well as the weekly MOP Up column, which gathered up smaller news stories that we either didn’t have time to write or weren’t worth a full post on their own.

I also clocked another full year of doing the Massively OP Podcast with my co-host and editor Bree, which means that I’ve done something like 500 to 600 of…

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