Down in Doom Again

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


Iyana’s Tomb of Doom featuring the Mystical Unicorn 2nd Coming UO shard…

Running Doom with Bel the demon brought back crisp memories to Isabella. Whenever her boots touched the rich, dark earth of Doom, she was hurled back to her prowling days on the parallel-world of Krilldonia. An exact replica of Despise, with every room, and every niche became her hunting grounds after she left the moldering library.

Clearly she remembered befriending a mortal with one thing on her mind: his blood. She pretended to be weak, hiding behind a shield as ratmen, their eyes radiating hatred, pounded on her shield. Truth was, she could slice them in two and leave their stumps bleeding, but the mortal did not know that. He vivified his torch, drew his sword, and attacked.

He took longer to kill the vermin of course than she would have, but despite those facts, Isabella played the…

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