Starting Gold Dice


In 5th Edition D&D, a character’s starting equipment is primarily determined by their class. Players can choose from a list of equipment or roll starting gold to purchase their equipment.

This sort of exchange seems normal. Except, the gold value doesn’t really match the value of the starting equipment.


We’re not going to have an exact fit, since there is variance for both chosen equipment and rolled gold.

Variance in Chosen Equipment

If you choose to take the equipment, you may be offered a selection of different equipment. This isn’t always an equal trade in terms of value.

For example, a Fighter is offered the choice between light crossbow and two handaxes. Even before factoring in the free ammunition that comes with the crossbow, its value (25 gp) is significantly higher than the handaxes (5 gp each).

Oftentimes you’ll be offered a choice of a class of weapons, such…

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