Month: January 2020

The Life of a Game Designer – Part 1: Who do I think I am?

Originally posted on Game Night Blog:
Epiphanies, revelations, and racks of self-doubt; all in the space of an hour. A little over a year ago, I started this blog on…

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Background details

Originally posted on GamingSF:
I wrote recently on how much I like little details in the MMORPGs that I play; yesterday while playing World of Warcraft Classic, I was reminded just how much there is in the background that a player can easily miss. The default viewing angle can miss…

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Raids week 158

Originally posted on Micki's Delirium:
Raids 158 were Wednesday Jan 22 and Saturday Jan 25. Wednesday 1. Project Nemesis LH I’ve turned it into a routine to on Wednesdays post 1 h before the raids in #lfm-raids on Orien Riding discord. This because the Wednesday raids are less popular…

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