Top 15 Games of 2019

Tats McGee Gaming

Looking back at this year as a whole, I would describe it as a good year but not a great year. It’s an easy year to make a top 15 but a hard year to come up with a top 3. As much as I like all of these games, I have a hard time being passionate about any of them. With that being said, let’s throw negativity out the window and try to celebrate what made video games good this year.

15. Wreckfest

I love a good racing game and this scratched a particular itch I didn’t know I had. 20 years ago, I loved playing Destruction Derby on the PS1 and haven’t played a demolition derby game since. As fun as it is to drive around and smash cars, unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of variety in the track designs so after a dozen hours I started to…

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