Mops Entertainment Presents “The Twelve Presents”

Mops Gaming

So, its a new year. What does this mean for Mops Entertainment? Well it means that I am going to push harder then ever to make this work. And as the first announcement of this push. I want to formally announce “the Twelve Presents”. The Twelve Presents is a series of documents that each tell the history of each dragonmarked house in the Eberron campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. They will also each have a new background and 5e conversion of each houses respective prestige class from the 3.5 source book “Dragonmarked”. These documents will be published on the DM’s Guild, and as of now there are three available for purchase. These are Cannith: Masters of Magic Item Manufacturing; Lyrandar: Masters of the Storm; and just released, Orien: Masters of Rail and Road. There are still nine more coming this year, as well as two special ones…

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