The Suge Knight (Fighter)


It was recently announced that Hasbro, the parent company of Wizards of the Coast, purchased Entertainment One, which owns Death Row Records, in a deal valued at $3.8 billion.

Death Row Records was a recording studio started by Dr. Dre and Suge Knight in 1991. Death Row was very much credited with the explosion of gangsta rap in the 1990s. With news of this strange business pairing between a toy company and a gangsta rap studio, a new land of opportunity is presented to us. So…

I built a fighter subclass built around Knight’s notorious character. He was known as a gangbanger with a nasty attitude, who often got away with his crimes through a network of connections, bribes, and hiring other people to do his dirty work. Without further ado, I present The Suge Knight:

The Suge Knight (Fighter)

Let’s take a dive into the features, so I can key you in…

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