Combat pace and progression blocks


Roger wrote on the Contains Moderate Peril blog about “The Pace of Combat“: both on how it can affect enjoyment of a game when it varies, and how expansions in older MMOs mess with this via gear resets.

Although I’m unsure if we hold the same views on what is the “sweet spot” for combat, I can certainly agree with views expressed on both versions of the Secret World MMO. For my own go to comparisons MMO-wise, I would start with World of Warcraft. I’ve been playing both retail and Classic a good amount since Autumn 2019 on a number of classes. I currently do not believe either game has the most amazing combat experience, although Blizzard does have very responsive networking code and very slick combat animations across both games.

In WoW Classic I find the combat is too slow paced when compared to more modern MMOs…

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