Keeping a balance between MMORPGs


As my current WoW Token (World of Warcraft’s virtual item for a month of game time) comes close to its expiry, I’ve become aware of just how much WoW (Retail & Classic) has been dominating my free time since returning from the holidays. Three evenings a week and significant sessions on the weekend is too much for any one game I feel. When my Classic character is running out of rested at the start of an evening’s play then the game is (subtly) trying to tell me something. And no, that thing isn’t to go create another alt…

The timing is a little off to be taking a break completely, though I am tempted, because 8.3 is about to launch over on Retail and I’ve been happily ambling around with my husband on various characters ticking off quest completion and achievements. The downside is that I’ve been “double-dipping” on World…

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