Thazara 1.8

Micki's Delirium

After the last ER, I felt a need to change the order of the feats I take in epics. Since I kind of liked the way skills are done with the Lite planner, I decided to do Thazara 1.8 with that planner. I adjusted the skills and also changed the order of the heroic feats – even though I only play 20-30 on Thazara. Here is Thazara 1.8.

Some notes on the feats. Spell focus evocation is needed if I want to add any ED points in evocation. After having enlarge at cap, I really missed it running 20-30, so I decided to move improved and epic mental toughness to later, so I could take enlarge at 21. Other than that I focus on spell power and crits, mainly light spell power.

Thazara 1.8 Cleric 20 True Neutral Elf Stats 32pt Tome Level Up ---- ---- -------- Strength 8…

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