Building a D&D Character Through Story

The Nerdd

The players handbook is the simplest way to build a character: Race, Class, Ability Scores, Description, Equipment. It’s designed this way, so that if you don’t have time to finish your character, you can at least start playing the game. It’s also perfect for people that aren’t used to building characters, as it goes from the biggest aspect of the character, and becomes more detailed as they discover what they like.

If you love character building, you know that this isn’t always the most satisfying way to build a character. If you want your character to feel like a real, living person, there’s a different order you have to go. At the beginning you are more aggressive with your choice making, but as it continues, you’ll find that there are answers that come more naturally, as your character becomes someone real.

As many authors put it, you aren’t always creating…

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