The Iyesgarten Inn

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The main attraction of tiny town of Iyesgarten is the Iyesgarten Inn. Once a small inn and adjoining blacksmith now combined into a single inn about a decade ago. The side that used to be the smithy (on the right) still smells like iron, woodsmoke, and the donkeys that worked the bellows.

Owned and operated by Ramona & Leonhard Mannheim, the Iyesgarten Inn employs people from almost every family in the village for one job or another throughout the year.

The Iyesgarten Inn The Iyesgarten Inn

While the Mannheims are the main innkeepers, Liebwin Starck does much of the after hours work around the inn, acting as innkeeper and bartender at night. He lives in the Inn’s basement where he also has some old adventuring gear stowed away. After spending over two hundred years petrified, he decided to retire when he was rescued and de-petrified. If befriended, he can provide some interesting information…

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