The Twelve Presents Phiarlan and Thuranni: Masters of Shows and Shadow Released

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The next installment of The Twelve Presents is now up on the DM’s Guild. This time we go over the houses of shadow, Phiarlan and Thuranni.

Phiarlan and Thuranni Cover

The document contains a brief history of the houses, ten magic items (six converted from older editions and four new ones) and stat blocks for nine NPCs. These NPCs are the heads of House Phiarlan, the head of House Thuranni, and two new generic NPCs, the Phiarlan entertainer and the Thuranni assassin. The Twelve Presents Phiarlan and Thuranni: Master of Shows and Shadows can be found here for purchase for $5.

On a personal note, this also marks a turning point in the quality of the Twelve Presents. As such, the Cannith, Lyrandar, and Orien documents will be updated to match this same quality. I will be removing the class backgrounds. I was not happy with any of them, and I feel they brought…

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