20 for 20 vision: part two

Later Levels

After a lacklustre year for video games for me personally, on Monday I shared part one of my list of releases I’m looking forward to in 2020. The next 12 months are going to hold titles which are far more my ‘thing’ than those released in 2019 so there’s going to be plenty to play.

Forget Cyberpunk 2077 and The Last of Us Part II: indie games will continue to be the focus at Later Levels because they always bring us something new and creative. If you usually go for the big-budget releases and stay away from the smaller stuff, I’d encourage you to give indie a go because you might find something you’ve been missing. With the first ten on my list now behind us, let’s move on to part two and check out another ten upcoming titles which are waiting patiently on my wishlist.

11. In…

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