The Blind Lamia’s Cave

Dyson's Dodecahedron

As the first adventure of the new campaign, we have chosen to rally behind the cleric in their search for artifacts and relics of Saint Sadon the Orange – a champion of Irmos the Victor. The small village of Iyesgarten provides little direct information (it is said that their church once held Sadon’s pauldrons – but that church burned down so long ago that none in Iyesgarten even remember where it used to be).

However, a helpful merchant told us of an ancient sage in the hills south of town that had been providing help and prophecies to those who knew where to find her since at least as far back as his grandfather’s days.

The Blind Lamia's Cave The Blind Lamia’s Cave

Following his directions, we found the cave he referenced – almost appearing to be “tucked under” one of the hills – and the entrance to which is obviously maintained, cleaned of…

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