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What happened to my ThAC0? What the hell is a ThAC0?

My sons wants to play Dungeons & Dragons.  I, like a fool, offer to teach him.  I used to play back in the 70’s and 80’s, so I knew the Original game up through 2nd Edition.  This should be easy.  I’m sure that this new 5th Edition is just an extension or expansion of the game I know.

Wrong.  The first thing I realize is that almost all the core rules have changed from my halcyon days of Advanced D&D.

Where’s my attack matrix? How can a fighter and a wizard have the same chance to hit something?  Where’s my 18/00 Strength? So, ThAC0 is completely gone now?  Wait, Armor Class is reversed too?  What do you mean; I don’t get more XP for having a high requisite stat?  What my Saving Throw vs. Death? vs. Polymorph?…

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