Skybridges of Sharn III

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The City of a Thousand Eyes

The City of Towers

We return to the towers and skybridges of Sharn again this month with another set of towers and plazas designed to work with the map I drew of the bridge intersection in “Eberron – Rising from the Last War” and last month’s Skybridge Nexus.

Sharn Skybridges III Sharn Skybridges III

Today’s effort brings us a slightly denser selection of towers – but still the smaller narrow spires and not the arcology-sized massive towers that hold entire neighbourhoods within them. Most towers will have residences at levels above and below the skybridges, with businesses, guilds, and temples taking up the prime real estate on the bridge levels.

In this case, the upper left tower is a shopping “mall” with a number of small workshops and vendors (with a small scribe service on the lower right). The lower left tower is a mix of…

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