Frank Mentzer’s Dungeon

Dyson's Dodecahedron

In a series of posts about running D&D games in public, Frank Mentzer (of BECMI D&D fame, and with a lot of other D&D credits to his name) discussed the importance of having a “generic” dungeon ready to run and shared the one he has used 30+ times to date.

The Mentzer Dungeon The Mentzer Dungeon

And he was cool with me redrawing the dungeon. The floor plan is established, and he has a general knowledge of what is in each branch of the dungeon, but final decisions are made on the fly during the game session so each session is catered to the players and time constraints of the event.

I won’t be reproducing his discussion on what is in each area, but here is the map he uses (above) and a player version of the map (below) for players to map their way through the dungeon as they explore it.

The Mentzer Dungeon (Player Start) The…

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