Guide to Building a D&D Adventure

The Nerdd

It’s time to build an adventure. This can be a single-session story, this can be months long. This isn’t a campaign though. Think of Harry Potter, a campaign is all 7 books, today we are focusing on one of those. It’s multiple chapters long, with recurring characters from the other books, but also a certain cast of characters we’ll only see here. It should feel attached to the overall story, but have it’s own goals.

I will say, there are adventures that naturally arise through sandbox play. That means that you give your players a world, and let them decide what to do, where to go, who to help, all based on what they find interesting. However, especially with newer players or Dungeon Masters (DMs), it’s a lot easier to have a specific conflict in mind, with specific major characters, that the players can interact with. Don’t assume you…

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