10 Games You Can Finish in a Single Weekend

Mega Dads

By: John Wahl

John ProfileWe’re all very busy people. My usual routine is to get up at about 6am, go to work, get home about 4pm, get the kids doing their homework, do a little housework and get dinner started. Then my wife gets home and we eat, spend time with the kids a bit, get them ready for bed, and then spend a little time together before she goes to bed. That kind of busy schedule doesn’t leave me a ton of time for long gaming sessions or 100 hour RPGs.

Thankfully though, it seems like there are more and more developers taking the schedules of busy adults into consideration and creating games that require a much smaller commitment. Games for folks like myself that love to play as much as we always have, but just don’t have the time that we did when we were in our 20’s. Games…

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