Sparks to Build a D&D Campaign

The Nerdd

A campaign is the whole story, from level 1 to level 20.

In our last article, we mentioned the difference between an adventure, and a campaign in the context of Harry Potter, where Prisoner of Azkaban is an adventure, and the whole Harry Potter series is a campaign.

Now, planning a campaign is ridiculous. It’s impossible to know how a single adventure will end, so to plan on the endings of various adventures to build a whole campaign is a fools errand. If you feel the need to plan an entire campaign, what you really want to do is write a book.

So what, then, am I writing an article for? This is really about how to choose what the next adventure you should run is, based on the previous adventures, as well as the Players and their characters’ goals. The Big Bad Evil Guy (BBEG) is dead, what do…

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