Gamer Spotlight: Richard Flanagan

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Richard Flanagan(Creative Director & Game Director at Ubisoft)

Richard a multi-disciplinary design director based in Montreal with nearly two decades of experience in game design, art direction, user experience & interface, motion, sound design and more – aka a proud non-expert! As a Creative Director & Game Director at Ubisoft he leads the development of new IPs to drive innovation in areas of design, production & philosophy. But cut him and he bleeds Indie! As co-founders of Phosfiend Systems, his wife & he released FRACT OSC with an awesome little team, and he worked on a bunch of cool indie titles like The Beginner’s Guide & Panoramical.

90A70F18-C62E-45E8-A381-2543F4F7638AWhat is the first video game that you remember playing?

“Tough to recall exact timelines as I may have played them after their initial release, but Bill Budge’s Pinball Construction set by EA could have been it.

I spent a lot of time…

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