Better Character Creation Mod for D&D 5e

Andrew Bond-Harris

Around this time last year I made a mod for the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons that changed how character creation was done. It added 5 new races to the game, and completely rebalanced the bonuses you get from races, classes, and player backgrounds. The idea was to increase the impact of player backgrounds, while reducing racial bonuses to bonuses that stem from morphological differences. To find out more, you can either download the pdf of the mod or check out the website where I posted it as it was being made. I’ll also post it below here if you’d rather just read it.

D&D 5e Better Character Creation Mod

Pterodactyl people (The Rindarra):

The Rindarra have wings that go from just above their hip to their wrist, kind of like bat wings. Their bones aren’t light enough for full flight, but they can use their wings to…

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