Kabrel’s Tower

Dyson's Dodecahedron

When travelling through the badlands to the City of Copper Bowls, a distant tower can be seen looking down over the caravan road. While no caravan traffic leads from the road to the old tower, with a bit of looking a foot path can be found that sees infrequent use.

Kabrel’s Tower sits quietly on a stone outcrop looking over a small stagnant pond that collects rainwater from the area. The tower isn’t much – thirty feet tall with a peaked roof. From the second floor you can look over the local area down past the caravan trail and with keen eyes even make out the rose crystal henge to the west.

Beneath the tower are some storage spaces, quarters, and deeper caves eventually leading to a deep chamber where an altar looks out over a flooded cavern surrounded by statues of four warriors of the great mutator.


This map…

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