Undoing system changes in MMORPGs


A few random thoughts came together today when I thought of system changes in MMORPGs that I’d most want to undo. System changes in these online, ever progressing games are inevitable as it’s part of the value proposition to players that the game is expanded or ‘improved’ over time. Sometimes though game systems can changes for the worse, in my humble opinion of course…

Neverwinter – crafting system

Maybe I’ve just not progressed far enough in the new system, but I find the new(ish) crafting system to be utterly byzantine and confusing. I had several characters with highly advanced Leadership skill level, plus an advanced if not capped crafting profession. My Wizard was a skilled alchemist, my Cleric a master armorsmith and my Great Weapon Fighter (now called Barbarian) was a pretty good weaponsmith.

Just pressing ‘N’ doesn’t get you far now…

Although my skill level seems to have been…

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