Pillar of the Igesej Loremaster

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Built of pale stone in the twilight of the Humut Crater, the Pillar of the Igesej Loremaster was originally built by an arcanist studying the object that formed the deep angled crater – believing it to be a god or portion thereof.

Pillar of the Igesej Loremaster Pillar of the Igesej Loremaster

Today the small tower is home to the Igesej Loremaster, a strange fellyfish-like sage who floats gently through the tower reading and storing information on psychically imprinted crystal matrices.

The tower layout is fairly straightforward. Long U-shaped stairs connect the first two floors with spiral stairs climbing through the rest of the “pillar”. On the second floor there is also a ladder (eschewed by the current occupant who just floats up) that leads to a hatch onto the mid-level division between the lower and upper towers.


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