Torchlight, Magic, and the downgrading of MMOs

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I guess I want to preface today’s post by saying that I will never advocate that every game in the world needs to become an MMORPG. I’m totally fine with studios setting a vision for what they want to make with whatever features and then going for it. If that’s single-player, multiplayer, co-op, or MMO, so be it. But it’s started to irk me when studios start to make MMORPGs and then along the way downgrade them into something less, perhaps to appease the virulent anti-MMO crowd out there.

Beware: There may be virtual strawmen in this article.

We’re in a weird era for MMOs right now. There are some titles enjoying extremely long and profitable lives and plenty of crowdfunded and investor-funded MMOs on the way. Emulators are becoming more common, volunteer-staffed projects are dotting the landscape, and development is skewing away from WoW clones while heading in exciting…

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