Quest failure condition overcome


Last night we decided, in our gaming trio, to return to Dungeons & Dragons Online. If we stick to the game this time our goal is to get the 2 character levels needed to get this trio started on the Ravenloft expansion (min. level 10): I play an Artificer, alongside a Paladin tank and a Cleric healer.

Logging in, our memories of last endeavours were a little hazy, so we just picked up with the first quest in our logs of the right level (the Faithful Departed), indeed our characters were stood next to the quest-giver NPC in House Phiarlan’s Golden Wing Inn. Opinions on whether we’d seen this dungeon before were mixed, it wasn’t until we triggered the failure condition near the end that we realised the context. This morning I read this post from almost two years ago – blogs really can be a wonderful treasure…

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