Top 10 Travel Games

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We go on a journey to find the best games that come in little packages

Travel 10 GroupThat Yahtzee game seems a little big, are we sure it’s a travel game?

Summer is almost here and you know what that means; stuffing all your crap into a little box on wheels, then jamming it and yourselves into a little metal box on wheels, hot, sweaty, stinky, and cramped until you arrive at some tiny little room, hut, cabin, tent, yurt, or worse, Grandma’s house. And what does any self-respecting game addict pack in his suitcase? Travel editions of his favorite games, of course!

But space is limited; which ones to bring? Well, we’re here to help. Today we review our Top 10 Travel Games. But first some ground rules.

The game has to be its own unique game and not just a travel edition of a full game. For example, the travel…

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