Evolving MMO subscriptions

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Even with all of the varied business models for MMOs, I have to imagine that the finance team lusts after subscriptions the most. Regular, dependable revenue has to be so much better for budgeting than irregular microtrans — if you can get enough people to subscribe, of course. There have been many different ways that games have attempted to do this, such as punishing non-subbers (SWTOR) to sweetening subscription packages.

But what about a subscription… that evolves the longer you stay subbed?

In my recent excursions into Neverwinter, I had never planned on subscribing. I wasn’t even aware that the game had a sub — a VIP program, it’s called — but my guildies recommended it to me and I took a look. It seemed like a good enough deal for a single month to try out for some XP bonuses, a daily free lockbox key, and a daily character…

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